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Challenge is our profession.

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The HOL-tex GmbH considers itself a modern “Textile Solution Provider”. We work on the basis of a wide range of processing methods, high production capacity and long experience individual solutions for our customers.

Guided by our philosophy “challenge is our profession”, our core competence lies in the field of textile finishing such as printing, coating and finishing. Beyond that HOL-tex also offers support in the selection of fabrics and non-wovens with a view to the desired application.

On a production area of ​​24,000 square meters, we are working with our highly motivated employees in the departments: technical textiles, coatings, fashionable contract printing and decoration. In HOL-tex produces around 11 million square meters of textiles.

HOL-tex provides tailor-made solutions for technical textiles. various coatings, military camouflage, trendy wage pressure -up to advanced “high-performance” -textiles. But also during the further processing and logistics receive active support our customers.

We serve customers in the fields of woven, knitted and non-woven. Our work starts with the expert advice and results of the development, production and strict quality control to the desired solution-including: textile advertising, fashion, filter technology, military applications, civil engineering or sunscreen.

HOL-tex – we offer wages sent solutions with the highest quality standards.